2020 Genesis G90 interior in white

What comfort and convenience features does the 2020 Genesis G90 have to offer?

2020 Genesis G90 interior design features 

What comfort and convenience features does the 2020 Genesis G90 have to offer? The 2020 Genesis G90 is a luxury vehicle that will exceed your expectations with its brilliant design and driver-focused features. Keep reading below to learn about the 2020 Genesis G90 interior design features. 

2020 Genesis G90 seat adjustments

2020 Genesis G90 – adjustable driver’s seat 

There is nothing worse than driving a car with uncomfortable seats. If you commute to work, this could mean hours of your day spent fidgeting and uncomfortable every single day. The best solution is a driver’s seat that is ultra-adjustablto fit all body sizes and shapes. 

The 2020 Genesis G90 offers a 22-way adjustable driver’s seat that can form perfectly to your specific needs. The seat even has Smart Posture Care, a system that can help you find the perfect settings. All you have to do is input some physical data about yourself, and the system will automatically calibrate the seat, steering wheel, outside mirror, and Heads-up Display to what it determines is the best fit for you. 

2020 Genesis G90 – interior sound insulation 

The outside world is busy and loud, but your car doesn’t need to be. The 2020 Genesis G90 offers impressive interior sound insulation which includes insulated acoustic glass and triple-sealed doors. These features help keep the cabin quiet and peaceful. 

2020 Genesis G90 – power soft shut doors 

When you enter a vehicle, sometimes you fail to close the door all the way. Most of the time, this leads to re-opening and slamming the door, but not in the 2020 Genesis G90. The doors feature a power soft-close function that allows them to safely and quietly shut themselves completely when they sense that they are not shut properly.