Guy standing next to a parked Genesis G90 model

Is the Genesis G90 a reliable car choice?

When it comes to picking out a new vehicle, it’s important to find a model that is ultra-reliable no matter the circumstances. With the Genesis G90 luxury sedan, you get just that. The G90 is fully equipped with safety features throughout the vehicle all to keep you, your loved ones, and other drivers on the road as safe as possible. Let’s dive into what features help make the Genesis G90 one of the most reliable sedans in its market.

Genesis G90 – Lane Keeping Assist 

The Genesis G90 comes with a feature called Lane Keeping Assist. The main function of this reliable safety feature is to help prevent any sort of drifting while out on the road. If your vehicle detects any unintended merging or lane departure the Genesis G90’s Lane Keeping Assist technologies will automatically apply light steering readjustments to make sure you stay in your lane and on track to wherever your destination may be.   

Genesis G90 – Blind Spot View Monitor 

When it comes to having a 5th sense, the Genesis G90 exhibits an ultra-reliable Blind Spot View Monitor for both of your vehicle’s blind spots. This system serves as an extra set of eyes for you while out on the road, making sure you and other drivers are as safe as possible.  As soon as you activate your turn signal to attempt a lane change, these monitors will alert you if there is something in your blind spot, making your life a whole heck of a lot easier. 

Genesis G90 driving down street

Genesis G90 – Highway Driving Assist 

Another super reliable feature that comes with the Genesis G90 is the Highway Driving Assist feature. While driving on the highway, your vehicle will help you keep in the center of your driving lane, automatically adjust to different speed limits, and help you reduce your speed whenever a substantial curve is approaching on the road.  

Genesis G90 – Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist 

Building off the Blind Spot View Monitor is the Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist feature. Sounds like a mouthful, I know, but the main purpose of this feature is to apply the brakes if you are about to make a lane change with a vehicle present in your blind spot.