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2021 Genesis G90 parked on street

What Pre-Owned Sedans are available in the Stockton, CA area?

If you are located in the Stockton, CA area and are looking for a pre-owned vehicle, Genesis of Stockton has a bunch of different brands of vehicles that are ready to be sold today! Between the pre-owned Genesis vehicles, pre-owned Hyundai vehicles, and all the other pre-owned vehicles in their inventory, it should be no problem finding something that fits your driving needs. Let’s jump into it below. 

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Guy standing next to a parked Genesis G90 model

Is the Genesis G90 a reliable car choice?

When it comes to picking out a new vehicle, it’s important to find a model that is ultra-reliable no matter the circumstances. With the Genesis G90 luxury sedan, you get just that. The G90 is fully equipped with safety features throughout the vehicle all to keep you, your loved ones, and other drivers on the road as safe as possible. Let’s dive into what features help make the Genesis G90 one of the most reliable sedans in its market.

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side view of genesis g90

What technology features come equipped in the Genesis G90?

Tech features included with the Genesis G90 

With the Genesis G90, advanced technology has never felt so simple. The G90 comes equipped with plenty of luxurious tech features that will be sure to keep you entertained and provide convenience like no other when on the road. Let’s dive into some of the tech features that come equipped in the Genesis G90 below.

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2020 Genesis models front view

Genesis model fuel economy comparison

What is the most fuel-efficient Genesis model? 

If you want to get the most fuel-efficient Genesis model out there, then we have you covered. Below, we’ll compare three of the most common Genesis models in terms of fuel economy. We’ll mention their city ratings, highways ratings, and even their fuel capacities, so you can know how far they travel on a full tank. Keep scrolling to view our Genesis model fuel economy comparison. 

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