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Front view of Genesis G70

What performance features are included with the Genesis G70?

Performance features equipped in the Genesis G70 

Looking for the perfect combination of luxury and performance in your next vehicle? The Genesis G70 provides the sleek luxury design and amenities that Genesis is so well known for, along with pure, raw power. The Genesis G70 is the way to go when balancing raw power and refined performance. Let’s explore some of the performance features below. 

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2020 Genesis G70 rear view

Video guide to switching drive modes in the Genesis G70

How do I switch drive modes in my Genesis G70? 

Below, you can view a video guide to switching drive modes in the Genesis G70. If you have a Genesis G70 and have not tried its drive mode options, then you are missing out on a crucial part of your vehicle. Watch the video below to learn how to switch drive modes in your Genesis G70 model. 

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2020 Genesis models front view

Genesis model fuel economy comparison

What is the most fuel-efficient Genesis model? 

If you want to get the most fuel-efficient Genesis model out there, then we have you covered. Below, we’ll compare three of the most common Genesis models in terms of fuel economy. We’ll mention their city ratings, highways ratings, and even their fuel capacities, so you can know how far they travel on a full tank. Keep scrolling to view our Genesis model fuel economy comparison. 

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