The exterior view of the Genesis G70

An Overview of the Multi-connection Function of the Genesis G70

How Does the Multi-connection Function Work in the Genesis G70?

When it comes to the connectivity features, the Genesis G70 packs a serious punch. Its multi-connection function offers the perfect blend of technology and performance. If you’re curious to find out how this feature works, then we at Genesis of Stockton, CA, have got you covered. Here’s a video that shares the setup process for better understanding. In case you want to explore it in detail, then visit our dealership, and we’d be glad to help you gain insight into the innovative features and specifications of the Genesis G70.  

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Exterior view of the 2022 Genesis Electrified G80

Genesis Unveils Its First-Ever Luxury Electric Car

Does Genesis Make An Electric Car?

Electrification is the need of the hour, and automakers worldwide are embracing this idea to cut back carbon gas emissions. For quite some time, there was chatter of the Korean luxury car brand jumping on the electric car bandwagon.  

So, does Genesis make an electric car in Stockton, California? Well, earlier this year, the brand gave the world a sneak peek into its battery-powered luxury sedan, the 2022 Genesis Electrified G80. The automaker’s decision to dip the toes in the electric vehicle waters is deemed as a smart move by many experts. Read on as we divulge details here.

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2021 Genesis G80 Exterior View

An Overview Of The 2021 Genesis G80 Interior Features

What Are The Interior Features Of The 2021 Genesis G80?

Since the launch, the functional and aesthetic interior design of the 2021 Genesis G80 has impressed auto experts and customers alike. While the leather seating, wood finish, and customizable ambient lighting of the luxury sedan exude elegance and style, its innovative interior features help redefine the comfort and experience of the users. So, what are the interior features of the 2021 Genesis G80 that make it a true standout?

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